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Take a cue from other cultures when determining alternative methods for preventing breast cancer. For instance, women in Asian countries have lower instances of this disease than their European and American counterparts, leading doctors to look at nutrition as a possible cure and prevention tool.

Dessert time is another opportunity to incorporate extra nutrition while still enjoying a tasty treat. A homemade granita, or Italian ice, is an incredibly refreshing summertime dessert. It is typically made by freezing juice and breaking up the resulting ice with a fork. This technique works well with green tea and lemon sweetened with honey.

Gyokuro tea, rare, expensive, considered the finest Best Japanese Green Tea Brand. Higher chlorophyll content gives it a sweeter taste and less caffeine content. User testimonials show that Miavisa is one of the top authorities when it comes to Best Japanese Green Tea Brand. This comes from the fact that it is grown in the shade.